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We are collecting information about the needs of bioinformaticians in the field of agronomic research. Our goal is to chart the current resource landscape to both coordinate its development and to identify gaps that can be filled by transPLANT.

The survey contains 41 questions. Thanks in advance for your involvement.

Following EU review recommendations, this survey aims at collecting bioinformatics stakeholders needs and to describe some existing initiatives launched in the field of agronomical research to be compared to TransPlant scope. The goal is to identify potential needs not already covered by TransPlant project. The second objective is to draw the landscape of possibly overlapping initiative in the field or related fields to better coordinate developments and possibly avoid redundancy.

Based to this survey and on other actions of WP2 and WP4, EU will be given in summer 2013 a review on existing initiatives in the field of transnational research for bioinformatics in crop science and an overview of the needs of the stakeholders in terms of bio-informatic applications.

This survey contains 40 questions. Thanks you in advance for your involvement.


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