The transPLANT resource registry

The number of plant genome (re-)sequencing projects is increasing and data repositories are becoming more numerous as a consequence. Many of the projects are producing genome-, transcriptome- and marker-based data from a range of technologies. Drawing on the broad knowledge of the consortium and our collaborators, we have developed and maintain a registry of important sequence-based resources for model and agriculturally-important plants.

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A total of 296 distinct plant genomic resources is currently registered at the transPLANT genome resource registry with regular updates scheduled every month. Users can query the registry with keywords such as species name or type of data and retrieve a list of resources together with URLs, provider details, associated tools and release versions.

An intuitive user interface has been implemented to allow users to submit new resources or updates to existing resources. We would like to invite all data providers as well as interested users to contribute their expert knowledge to this community led resource by contacting us.

The transPLANT genome resources registry is available for download in multiple file formats and as an online resource for search and browse.