Crop Plant Trait Ontology Workshop, Oregon State University

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The goals of the workshop are to develop ontology terms and definitions for the Plant Ontology ( and the Reference Plant Trait Ontology (under development) and applications that utilize those resources.

The ultimate goal is to establish a semantic framework for meaningful cross-species queries across gene expression and phenotype data sets from plant genomics and genetics experiments.

We are an international consortium of plant science and bioinformatics researchers who are interested in collaborative development of ontologies to describe plant anatomy and morphology, growth stages and plant traits.

An ontology is a structured vocabulary that provides a consensus set of terms (or classes) to describe the types of entities within a given domain of reality and the relationships among these types. In the age of genomics and big data, ontologies have become indispensable tools for data curation and analysis. The analysis of large data sets from molecular, genetic, and genomic diversity studies has the potential to improve our current understanding of crop traits of economic relevance, as well as plant development and species evolution.

The focus of the workshop will be describing the major Poaceae family crops (wheat, barley, rice, Miscanthus, maize and sorghum), along with crops from the Solanaceae (mainly potato and tomato) and the Leguminosae (mainly soybean and Medicago).

Further details about the workshop an be found on the Plant Ontology project wiki page:



Oregon State University


Thu, 13/09/2012 to Sat, 15/09/2012